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Great Reasons to be a NYIADA Member

  • NIADA Benefits & Membership Included
  • NIADA Educational Conference & Convention
  • Dealer Insurance
  • Zero Cost Credit Card Processing
  • Educated Answers & Assistance: No matter how long you have been in business, there can always come a time when you have a question or need help with a special situation. Whether it’s completing paperwork, questions about compliance, special case by case scenarios, or knowing when it’s time to get a lawyer involved to stay protected – we are here to help you resolve your car business concerns. NYIADA specializes in a specific aspect of your day to day operations while additionally being prepared to problem solve and give advice based on the letter of the law in regards to being a used car dealer. Let us help you!
  • Vendor & Auction Discounts: Our associate members often provide special discounts exclusive to NYIADA members. From buy fees at auctions to discounts on insurance and product fees, there is plenty of money to be saved just by being a member of the only independent auto dealer association in NY!
  • NIADA Magazine: Since NYIADA membership automatically makes you a member of NIADA as well, you will receive a copy of their magazine, Used Car Dealer, each month! Each publication is filled with news relevant to our business and highlights current topics.

Most importantly, NYIADA is here for you, the independent New York dealer. We help you remain legal and compliant with the ever-changing laws, policies and procedures required to not only stay in business, but to prosper.

Our team advocates on your behalf at the state, local and federal levels, working with agencies, regulators and lobbyists to help make your business more successful and to grow our industry. Your membership matters and your voice matters to keep the independent car dealer top of mind for legislators and policy makers.

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