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Most Common Dealer Violations

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DMV created this list of common dealer violations by searching their dealer database by frequency of noted violations. PLEASE REVIEW

Most Common Dealer Violations
Regulation 78.11(f) If the dealer is to submit the Certificate of Sale and ownership document, he shall submit it within five calendar days after delivery of the vehicle
Regulation 78.23(e)(1) Failure to submit completed application for registration and title within five (5) calendar days of the date of issuance of a temporary registration
1- Regulation 78.21(c)(1) Loaning dealer plates for more than 5 days

2- Regulation 78.25(a)(1) Failure to properly maintain book of registry
Regulation 78.40(g) Failure to complete the book of registry when consigning a vehicle

3- V and T Law 417 Falsely certifying that the motor vehicle is in condition and repair to render, under normal use, satisfactory and adequate service upon the public highway at the time of delivery

4- V and T Law 415-8 Improper use of dealer plates

5- Regulation 78.11(a)(15)(i) Failure to give purchaser the customer copy of MV50

6- Regulation 78.25(b) Failure to maintain proof of ownership while vehicle is property of the dealer
Regulation 78.25(a)(2) Failure to obtain title assigning vehicle to dealer
Regulation 78.23(d)(2) Failure to have possession of the required documents necessary or registration and titling before issuing a temporary registration

7- Regulation 78.23(d)(3) Failure to use the supply of plates in the order in which they were received

8- V and T Law 415-9(d) Overcharging on registrations obtained for customers

9- Regulation 78.20(d) Issuing more than one Temporary Certificate of Registration to same person for same vehicle
Regulation 78.20(e) Failure to account for Temporary Certificate of Registration (MV-TCR)