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New York Doc Fee Increase Starts August 18!

August 18, the DOC Fee Regulation change allowing for dealers to charge up to $175 is in effect.

The following is the new regulation:
Paragraph (2) of subdivision 78.19(c) is amended to read as follows:
(2) Such a dealer may charge a person who purchases a vehicle from such dealer a fee for assisting in securing a registration and/or certificate of title for such vehicle, provided the dealer actually performs the service of filing the application for title and/or registration with the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles or his issuing agent. The fee charged by the dealer may not exceed $175. Such fee does not include the fee required to be paid to the Department of Motor Vehicles for issuance of the registration or for issuance of a certificate of title, nor shall such fee include the fee charged for the motor vehicle inspection of the vehicle.

Subdivision (d) of section 78.19 is amended to read as follows:
(d) If a fee is charged by the dealer for assisting in securing a registration and/or title or securing special or distinctive plates, the dealer shall print the following statement and asterisked statement on all copies of the invoice or bill of sale in a type size not smaller than the type size used for other charges on such document:

“Dealer’s optional fee for processing application for registration and/or certificate of title, and for securing special or distinctive plates (if applicable). THIS IS NOT A DMV FEE. *$________”

The asterisk and the following language shall be printed below the above statement:

*The optional dealer registration or title application processing fee ($175 maximum) and special plate processing fee ($5.00 maximum) are not New York State or Department of Motor Vehicles fees. Unless a lien is being recorded or the dealer issued number plates, you may submit your own application for registration and/or certificate of title or for a special or distinctive plate to any motor vehicle issuing office.

The new regulation will allow dealers to continue to use any current inventory of sales forms by crossing out the old amount and inserting the new fee. This is DMV’s recommended approach until new pre-printed forms are ordered or your dealership’s DMS is programmed with the new fee. If you decide to use current forms while waiting for the new forms, one recommendation is to consider having the customer initial the Doc Fee amount being charged